The Most Surprising Social Media Statistics

webToday a number of people around the world are using social media websites either for their businesses or for fun. However, they may not know some of the most surprising statistics related to the same.

Here are the details

  • LinkedIn is one of the best and most popular social media sites used by a number of people. Do you know that in every second, two new members join the same.
  • More than 189 Million of people are accessing Facebook using their mobile.
  • Though LinkedIn is joined by many users, the site does not have a big number of active users. People create accounts but do not participate regularly and prefer Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.
  • Around 93 percent people use social media websites for their businesses. It is fast becoming a popular strategy to market the businesses.
  • There are 62 percent users who are using blog or planning to create one for marketing; however, just nine percent of industries from the online marketing field have a regular blogger to be active on blogs.
  • Above 25 percent of Facebook users are not serious about privacy setting in spite of the fact that the platform has been criticized for its privacy issues.
  • YouTube is accessing more U.S. adults with age of 18 to 34 than any other network.
  • Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are being joined by older people as well with age group of 55 to 64 Years.
  • Above 23 percent of users on Facebook login to their account at least five times a day.